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The Element Boron: Medical Research Papers

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What is Boron?

You can see Boron on the second row of the periodic table of elements as number 5 in brown.  You can read more on thewikipedia boron page:

Recommended Additional Supplements

Additional supplements recommended for arthritis. I would highly recommend you combine boron treatment with the following supplements to help alleviate the damage done by arthritis over the years.

1/ Tumeric, Organic powdered is recommended. Don’t use grocery store stuff because the active ingredient is often extracted and sold to health food stores before the useless orange powder is sold to grocery stores! You can tell if its good because the active ingredient is an oil and if you put tumeric in a plain white envelope and it is whole you will see the oil seeping into the paper.

Take 1 to 3 heaping teaspoons blended in vegetable juice or milk with 1/8 teaspoon black pepper. Add also a tablespoon of flax oil because the oil helps the body absorb it. The pepper is important to help the body digest the tumeric. If you cannot stand pepper you can buy bromelain capsules and open one or two capsules into the drink.  1/3 fill a large tall mug with vegetable juice and add the tumeric and pepper or bromelain. Blend with a knife to avoid splashes because it will stain clothes permanently.  Drink morning and evening before bed especially because it kills pain too to make sleeping easier.

2/ Also take 3 capsules of 500 mg glucosamine hcl or glucosamine sulphate each day. It increases the lubrication of joints to help avoid wear and tear from your past damage.

Thats it … these supplements are very important to include along with boron.  I used these incgredients before I discovered boron but it took boron to get rid of all the pain and to stop continuing damage from arthritis. 


Boron is particularly interesting because it is produced by cosmic rays and does not come from the sun. It sprinkles down from the upper atmosphere and is distributed in very small quantities throughout the world. Due to modern agricultural practices and sewage treatment it is now almost absent from our soils. It is present however in large quantities in several places in the world such as Death Valley in Eastern California in the USA and also in Turkey. Products such as “20 Mule Team Borax” are simply salts collected from old evaporated lakes that were high in boron. They are a mineral product and not a soap as is commonly believed! Borax is Sodium Tetraborate.

This astonishing article from the National Institute of Health is a must read: “Nothing Boring about Boron!”

Websites on Boron for the Treatment of Arthritis:

The Health-Science-Spirit Website speaks about Arthritis and Boron.  This site gives the story of the discovery of borax as an arthritis cure and contains a wealth of research papers in the bibliography. It also discusses how there is an attempt by many countries to label boron as a poison and make it unavailable. The biology research shows it is only about as poisonous as table salt which can also kill in large quantities. This is true of any substance. Quantity is what makes a poison. The arthritis cure however uses miniscule doses of boron that are in the range of 3 to 18 milligrams whereas the poisonous dose of borax is about 15 grams or more. The therapeutic to toxic radio is about 1 to 500.  In other words it takes 500 times the therapeutic dose before it gets dangerous. This is about the same ratio this applies also to ordinary table salt or Sodium Chloride.

Attempts to label boron or borax poison have a business motive. In Australia the discoverer of boron as an arthritis cure, Dr. Rex Newnham, noted that after his discovery there was an attempt to label boron a deadly poison because it cost almost nothing and threatened the pharmaceutical treatments for arthritis which represented half the profits of the pharmaceutical companies.

In Europe Boron has been labeled a mutagen using the same bad science experiments which were used in the USA to label LSD as a mutagen which damaged chromosomes. If foreign substances of any kind are added to a human tissue culture in a dish chromosome errors develop. It does not matter what substance is added.

Tap water, sugar and vitamin C all produce DNA errors in a tissue culture growing in a glass dish apart from the body they are supposed to be growing within!

The Nobel prize was awarded for our understanding of the DNA repair mechanism in 2015. In an actual human body we now know that we have a “DNA Repair Mechanism” which repairs 10,000 to 100,000 DNA errors every hour. This protects us from environmental elements such as excess boron, sodium or other salts which contaminate our water. That is why one of the articles below is called the “boron conspiracy”. There are attempts to demonize boron by the industries whose income is threatened by an arthritis cure that is almost costless!

This DNA Repair Mechinism is new science and people such as David Suzuki who speak out about boron as a toxin are not acknowledging the new scientific understanding of DNA repair. I have tried to contact him without success to point out the error in demonizing boron.

I invite the David Suzuki Foundation to please speak to me if they notice this article. You have to keep this DNA Repair Mechanism in mind when you see boron or other low dose environmental minerals mentioned. They are not poisonous because our bodies deal with most of these commonly present salts in all drinking water. We evolved in the presence of boron which has always been present throughout the world for billions of years!

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Youtube video telling the story of the discovery of borax as a cure for arthritis and the double blind hospital study in Melbourne Australia. It is an excellent presentation for people who have difficulty reading:

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Health Canada (Canadian Equivalent of the USA FDA) Article about Boron, the Arthritis Biochemistry and the Prevention of Prostate Cancers. At the top of the article it points out they have archived the information.  I wonder why such amazing biochemistry research is being put back in the archives?

“Nothing Boring About Boron” Boron is shown in this USA NIH document to:

1/ Prevent and heal Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis.

2/ Has anti-cancer effects.

3/ Improves brain functions.

4/ Speeds wound healing.

5/ Increases sex hormones. #health #a

Scientific Research Papers on the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis can be downloaded below:

(All articles are selected to avoid advertising)

1/ Essentiality of boron for healthy bones and joints By Dr. Rex Newnham: envhper00403-0084

2/ Boron and Arthritis, Worldwide Distribution of Boron and the Incidence of Arthritis: Boron-and-Arthritis

3/ Boron is used as a Chemotherapy/Chemopreventative Agent in Romania for cancers. Its a major therapy whose only side effect observed was the elimination of arthritis at the same time!  Two papers are shows and there are over 200 references to other research papers shown at the end. Both papers can be shared freely and copied.

1/ boron-as-chemopreventative-and-chemotherapy-cancer-arthritis-etc- (1)

2/ boron-cancer-prevention-23268 (2)