Who Killed Alternative Medicine in 1910?

 Wholistic, Herbal & Electromedicine Therapies Killed by Rockefeller/Carnegie in 1910 and banned from Medical Schools 1910 – 1929

How a Couple of “Elites” Screwed Up Western Medicine for Everyone.

Support for Elephant  Journal Article on the Rockefeller / Carnegie takeover of Western Medicine in 1910

If you ever wondered why herbal medicine was so unknown in Canada around 1958 or so, the following links will explain it:

The Flexner Report was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and organized by the Carnegie Foundation. In it herbalism, electromedicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage and anything that was not based on the pharmaceutical industry was demonized. Pharmaceutics were mostly based on coal tar and oil chemistry. The Rockefeller Foundation profits were based on petroleum.

Here is a quote from the Wiki Report below showing the effect on alternative medicine including herbalism and elecromedicine:

“When Flexner researched his report, “modern” medicine faced vigorous competition from several quarters, including osteopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, electrotherapy, eclectic medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy.[16]Flexner clearly doubted the scientific validity of all forms of medicine other than that based on scientific research, deeming any approach to medicine that did not advocate the use of treatments such as vaccines to prevent and cure illness as tantamount to quackery and charlatanism.

Medical schools that offered training in various disciplines including electromagnetic field therapy, phototherapy, eclectic medicine, physiomedicalism, naturopathy, and homeopathy, were told either to drop these courses from their curriculum or lose their accreditation and underwriting support. A few schools resisted for a time, but eventually all either complied with the Report or shut their doors.[17],”

Ongoing Suppression of Natural Approaches

In Canada every ten years or so there are attempts to squash alternative medical approaches by strict regulation of all health supplement products. We all remember having to write to our politicians to protect vitamins, herbs and minerals. Health supplement industry leaders have had to repeatedly spearhead public awareness programs to prevent the suppression of alternative therapies. We have to assume that these annoying moves are driven by the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in an attempt to regain the monopoly that they have lost.

In the EU many popular health supplements are in the process of being banned. Boron, the mineral whose absence causes arthritis has already been banned for sale by pharmaceutical interests in Europe. This topic has been covered by my previous article about the boron cure for arthritis.

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